The Legal Lowdown | New Zealand Employment Law Online Course


New Zealand Employment Law Online Course

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The Legal Lowdown | New Zealand Employment Law Online Course
New Zealand Employment Law Online Course

A comprehensive yet simple overview of New Zealand employment law; access to the fundamental knowledge you need to level-up your skills, take action, and drive positive outcomes in your workplace

Very comprehensive course, done in a very engaging way by Lisa. Highly recommended

new zealand employment law online course



New Zealand Employment Law Training Online Course
New Zealand Employment Law Online Course

Lesson 1 – What is Employment Law all about?

Lesson  2 – The Employment Relations Act 2000

Lesson  3 – Other Relevant Legislation

Lesson  4 – Workplace Policies

Lesson  5 – Trade Unions

Lesson  6 – Good Faith

New Zealand Employment Law Training Course
New Zealand Employment Law Online Course

Lesson 1 – Employee Types

Lesson  2 – Individual Employment Agreements

Lesson  3 – Entering Employment & Trial Periods

Lesson  4 – Independent Contractors

Lesson  5 – Getting it wrong

NZ Employment Law Course
New Zealand Employment Law Online Course

Lesson 1 – Addressing Employee Issues

Lesson  2 – Addressing Poor Behaviour

Lesson  3 – Formal Process for Misconduct

Lesson  4 – Addressing Poor Performance

Lesson  5 – Ending Employment

Lesson 6 – Code of Conduct

New Zealand employment law training
New Zealand Employment Law Online Course

Lesson 1 – Changing Terms and Conditions

Lesson  2 – Restructures and Redundancies

Lesson  3 – Business Sales and Transfers

New Zealand Employment Law Online Course
New Zealand Employment Law Online Course

Lesson 1 – The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

Lesson  2 – Health and Safety in Employment Relations

New Zealand employment law training
New Zealand Employment Law Online Course

Lesson 1 – Personal Grievances

Lesson  2 – Resolving and Escalating Problems

The training was in-depth, detailed, with engaging contents and practical insights/examples. I like the clear communication and regular assessments

All available to you immediately after purchase, and accessible on desktop and mobile devices for on-the-go learning

New Zealand Employment Law Online Course
NZ Employment Law Course

To ensure you can put into practice what you have learnt following the course, you will also be provided with various bonus downloads including:

✏️ An Employment Agreement Checklist

✏️ A Code of Conduct Policy Template

✏️ Guide and flowchart for addressing issues

✏️ A Post-Course Action Checklist

This course is very helpful and insightful and is wonderfully presented. An excellent platform to dive deeper into a myriad of areas. I am also grateful for the resources provided. I would highly recommend this course.


New Zealand Employment Law Online Course | New Zealand employment law training
Online BK (Google Review)
HR Professional
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As an immigrant to NZ, I was struggling to find a course that could give me a good overview of the local employment law, until I found ExceedHR. On top of that, Lisa is super clear and explains complex concepts in an easy way, which helps a lot if you are not a native speaker. I wouldn't change a thing from the training, go purchase it!
Senior Leader
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This course delivered exactly what I had hoped, a good refresher on the knowledge I've gained on-the-job over the years and also introducing me to some new topics that are relevant to my role.
HR Professional
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I was looking for a course that would give me a good overview and refresher on NZ employment law without having to pay thousands of dollars and attend a 1-2 day training. The content of the Legal Lowdown covered all the major topics I was looking for in a concise but informative and engaging way and I got to do it in my own time at my own pace. The cherry on top- it's all available for me to watch again whenever I need to revisit the content!
HR Professional
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Lots of great take outs, wish I had completed this course before embarking on my HR career 😉
Nicole Paterson
HR Business Partner
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I did the ‘Introduction to NZ Employment Law' online course. It was practical, 100% relevant to NZ and easy to navigate. It’s helped me with a few situations at work, and I only did the course two months ago!
Anil Kumar Singh
HR Professional
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It is really insightful & quite interactive course. I learned alot about NZ ERA 2000, Holidays and H&S Acts and minute details about Employment legislations.
Google Review
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Really helpful course and staff support, friendly. Course is easy to use, would definitely recommend for the beginner to HR! 😁
Hayley Drury
HR Advisor
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Lisa is very knowledgeable and answered all questions kindly and informed - never makes you feel silly for asking something! The course I did was a great overview on HR matters and easy to understand, bite sized pieces that you could do at your own time as little or much as you wanted.
Andy Poulsen
HR Professional
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This course provided a good overview of Employment Law in New Zealand in a friendly, easy to follow format. Good content!
Lisa | HR Membership | New Zealand Employment Law Course

HR Coach, Consultant, Business Partner and Digital Educator.

With over 8 years working in HR in high-volume employment relations roles I feel like I have seen it all – the good, the bad and the downright ugly. And let me tell you, when things go wrong, it can get very ugly indeed!

The thing is, it doesn’t need to.

If you have the right knowledge, the right approach, and you take quick and purposeful action, you are more likely to influence and deliver positive outcomes for all the parties involve.

With my extensive experience navigating, leading, supporting and resolving hundreds of different employment related matters, I am now passionate about educating and upskilling others and advocating for superior HR practices and application.

This is why I created this course, to share my expertise and knowledge distilled into a simple format to teach you everything you need to know to avoid ‘the ugly’ and make a real impact in your workplace.

Join me, and let’s take your skills to the next level!


Pricing and Payment Options 💸


$ 397
NZD (inc. GST)
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$ 198
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$ 99
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  • Pay by credit card or on invoice

Why not ask the boss to cover the cost?

It’s an investment in the business too after all right? 

Although it shouldn’t be a hard sell – here is a handy one-pager PDF you can download to help with the pitch 👇

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

The course starts now! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

If done in one sitting the course will take approximately 3-5 hours to complete, including watching the video content, reading, completing activities, accessing resources and note-taking.

Once enrolled you’ll have lifetime* access to the ‘Legal Lowdown’ course and any future updates to it. The course will be updated regularly in real-time as required to keep up with law changes and other requirements.

Yes! If you would like to enrol multiple students (your whole management team for example), we do offer discounts. Email us at with your numbers and billing requirements and we will see what we can do!

Yes, once you have finished the course you will receive a completion certificate. Please note though, this course is designed to be informative and to help you upskill on the topic and completing this course does not provide you with any formally recognised qualification or certification. 

You can pay for the course using your credit card, and we have payment plans available. You can also select to pay on invoice/by bank transfer.

We would never want you to be unhappy! Please contact us with questions prior to purchase if needed, as our online courses are unable to be refunded.

As you complete the course, on every lesson there is a place for you to ask questions and comments, so you can interact as you go

If you have any questions, feel free to connect with me using the chat feature on this page, or email 

*"Lifetime" refers to the lifetime of the 'The Legal Lowdown' course. You’ll have access for the lifetime of the course for as long as Exceed HR continues to run 'The Legal Lowdown' and guaranteed access for AT LEAST one year after you enrol.