Disciplinary Process New Zealand | Disciplinary Process Training

Tell me if any of this sounds like you right now...🖐

If this is resonating, just know you aren't alone

Let's be honest - running a disciplinary process is challenging.
It requires us in HR to juggle all the complexities of;

Laws and Policies

Risk and Ethics

Instinct and Facts

Feelings and Fairness

Not to mention also trying to build trust, be authoritative, communicate well, remain neutral and work towards positive outcomes all around 🥵

It's a lot right?!

It is no wonder then that the disciplinary process is the one that I see cause the most overwhelm, dread and self doubt in HR professionals

Having personally led or supported over 200 disciplinary processes, I understand these challenges. However, through experience and learning (aaaaand many mistakes), I've reached a point of calm and confidence.

Now, I want the same for you

That's why I have created this workshop, where I will share my knowledge and support you to strengthen your expertise in managing the disciplinary process.

This isn't just about theory, we will get down and dirty in the detail


In this no-fluff interactive workshop, we will work together through a hypothetical disciplinary scenario right from start to finish covering every milestone – including;

Disciplinary Process Training New Zealand

…and everything else in-between! 

Sound good? Right, here's the detail...


No worries, as an HRHQ member/student you will always be given early and priority access to enrol, so I will be back in touch when the next one is open

Got questions? 🖐

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