Wrong address

You can be the total package but still be at the wrong address…
I came across this quote a while back and it just landed. 
And no, not in relation to my failed romantic relationships (although there have been a few 😅), but rather for my career in HR.
At times in my career I have struggled with finding my place and my worth which heavily impacted my mindset
“They aren’t listening to my ideas” = my ideas are bad
“They aren’t taking my advice” = I mustn’t get it
“They are resistant to change” = I am not influential enough
“They aren’t asking for my opinion” = I don’t know what I am doing
“They didn’t invite me to that meeting” = my voice doesn’t matter
“I don’t feel comfortable doing what they have asked of me” = I need to harden up
What I have learnt now in hindsight, is that often it wasn’t me – it was them 🙄
Unfortunately, there are still many managers and leaders who do not see the value that HR can bring to their business, no matter how amazing you are
So if you are in a role where you feel misaligned, under-utilised, ethically-compromised or if you are second guessing your value, take the time to reflect and understand why 👀
It might be that you need to refine your skills, or it might simply be that you are at the wrong address, and there are many other workplaces desperate for someone just like you to help guide them and make an impact 🙌

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