Would you guess I flunked high school?

Would you have guessed that I flunked high school? 🙊

Yep, it’s true.

And I don’t mean like slightly missed out on account of some low grades

I am talking like ‘why did I even bother turning up’ kind of failure 🫣

Well, maybe that’s because I didn’t turn up to school most days in my final year

There were no assignments to grade because I didn’t do them

There were no exams to mark, because I didn’t show up

Yep, the hard-working, diligent, over-achieving Lisa you might see now failed hard

(Is it even failing though if you never actually tried?) 🤣

I had a rebel phase

For a smart girl, I made some pretty stupid decisions back then

I’ll save you the story, but as you can probably tell, it all ended okay 🥵

I had my ‘aha’ moment

A moment that ended up being a turning point for me forcing me to reevaluate my priorities

I chose a new path

I worked hard, completed a certification to get the university entrance I missed, and now I have both an honours degree and a post-graduate diploma hanging on my wall after doing almost a decade of tertiary study

This isn’t a ‘stay in school’ post about the importance of study or qualifications, far from it. I certainly don’t think they are necessary for career success

I just love to learn (now) 😋

My point?

✨You will make wrong decisions
✨You can grow
✨You can change
✨You can re-write your story
✨Everything is figure-out-able

Yes, I was young – but it is never too late to change paths if your current one isn’t serving you

Don’t let failures define you; let them refine you

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