When a manager doesn’t take your advice

Has this ever happened to you?

Never mind – silly question 🙊

Whilst this can be frustrating (especially when it goes horribly wrong), this is just all part of the HR advisory role.

Here are some of the reasons this might happen, and how to prevent it 👇🏻

⚠️Problem: They don’t like to be told what to do

🏆Solution: Don’t tell them what to do. Start by asking how they think the situation should be dealt with.

Collaborate, brainstorm, persuade and agree.

Ensure they are comfortable with the approach beforehand and address any apprehensions until you are on the same page.

⚠️Problem: They panicked/got stuck

🏆Solution: Assess their comfort level and ability early.

Practice, role play or write a script. Consider possible ways things could go and how they should respond.

Plan in advance a safe escape route if they get stuck midway.

⚠️Problem: They thought they knew better

🏆Solution: Consider that they might know better, they are closer to the matter after all.

Regardless, provide them options and talk through the risks and potential pro’s and con’s of each. They will feel more in control by making the final decision.

⚠️Problem: They didn’t have a compelling reason to take your advice

🏆Solution: Give them a reason. Showcase your expertise and highlight the ‘why’.

Reference law, best practice, policy, risk, models, your experiences, stories, and challenge their thinking.

Make the benefits clear and detail what is in it for them.

But know at the end of the day even if you played your part perfectly – what they do next is out of your hands.

And remember that everything is figure-outable (if they come back to you with their tail between their legs 😅)

When has this happened to you, and what did you learn? 🤩

PS: This is the sort of thing we discuss and learn about inside the HRHQ membership – check out the comments to learn more

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