What if I don’t have the answer?

HR has all the answers…right?

Well that certainly is the perception out there, and truthfully, most of the time we actually do need to have the answer – and the right one at that (argh the pressure!) 😰

👉Can I say this?
👉Can I do that?
👉What are they entitled to?
👉What are my obligations here?
👉What is the correct process?
👉How do I approach this situation?

Advising on HR matters is important stuff, there is often little room for error or guesswork. So when you do not know the answer, what do you do? 🤔

Remember – being competent doesn’t mean you have all the answers, it also means you know where to find the answers 📚

Below is how you can respond when you really don’t know, while still appearing like the expert you are 🙌

What do you think? Got any of your own tips to share?

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