The power of a pause

Want to know one of the most effective and super simple things you can do to be a more effective HR practitioner?

Something that you can do multiple times a day in practically any situation.

Do nothing…

Say nothing…

just PAUSE 😦

I learnt very quickly in my career the power of a pause

Taking a pause before speaking or acting can help you;

⏸️gather your thoughts
⏸️regulate your emotions
⏸️see more clearly
⏸️find the right words
⏸️communicate more effectively
⏸️avoid misunderstandings
⏸️de-escalate situations

In HR we deal with some heavy stuff – mediating conflicts, providing feedback, giving advice and making significant decisions.

A pause could be the simple difference between a positive and negative outcome.

Don’t know the right answer?

Responding to a complaint or grievance?

Been asked for your advice or feedback?

Has someone frustrated or offended you?

Speaking with someone who holds a different opinion?

Been triggered by confronting feedback?

Are emotions running high?

Feeling overwhelmed?

About to hit send on an important email?

It doesn’t matter if for a couple of seconds, or a couple of days – that pause could save you further time, stress and headaches.

It’s time to get comfortable with silence

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