Test Time!

t’s TEST TIME again!

Last week I asked you what a ‘summary dismissal’ was 🤔

Of 151 responses, 87% got it correct – a summary dismissal is when an employee is terminated without notice.

In these instances, the employee will leave immediately; you do not need to give them any notice or any payment instead of notice.

Of course though, for the dismissal to be lawful you need to have a damn good reason and follow a tight and fair process beforehand ✅

A summary dismissal is only justified in instances of serious misconduct when the employee’s behaviour is so bad that it has damaged the trust and confidence that is necessary in the employment relationship causing it to be irreparable.

As a reminder, this could be in situations such as theft, fraud, bullying or violence 😬

There is no doubt that leading and supporting a process that results in a summary dismissal is awful and distressing for all parties, so tread carefully, and be sure look after yourself too!

Right, this week’s question to test your knowledge is moving away a little from Employment law 👇

WHat does the acronym FTE stand for?

  1. Fixed Term Employee

2. Full Time Equivalent

3. First Time Earner

4. Formal Training Evaluation


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