Steps to starting the D&I journey

Are your diversity and inclusion practices just a box-ticking exercise, or are they truly making a difference in your workplace?

‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’ have become buzzwords in many workplaces; trendy concepts that companies jump on to look good

But achieving true diversity and inclusion requires so much more than just lip service 🙄

It is more than…
👉🏻a checkbox on a form
👉a numbers game
👉🏾a quota to fill
👉🏽a moral obligation
👉🏼a superficial practice

Diversity and inclusion are essential values that drive business success and create positive outcomes. For everyone.

But to achieve this requires a commitment to real action – intentional, purposeful action.

If you in HR don’t think your workplace is hitting the mark, that is step 1 done – Awareness ✅

Acknowledge that there is work to be done, and that the journey forward will require commitment and effort.

Here are steps 2 – 4 to get thing moving:

🎓Educate yourself: Yes, even us in HR aren’t perfect – far from it. We all have a lot to learn and unlearn too. Before we can take the lead on this at an organisational level, we need to educate ourselves first to lead by example.

📝Audit: Before you can improve and change, you need to understand where you stand today. Review your current stats, data, processes, policies, and practices to identify areas for improvement and set a baseline for future progress.

♟️Develop a strategy: Make a plan, document it, identify key stakeholders, gain buy-in and support, communicate wide, and break down larger goals into smaller, manageable objectives to make progress more achievable.

Then, make a start.

It won’t be a fast change or a quick fix, so put away that rainbow flag and rethink that ‘international women’s day’ social post just for now.

Wait until you can display those proudly knowing your actions, the data, and your people can actually back up the claims you make 🤗

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