Should you do a PIP?

PIPs have to be one of the most misunderstood things out there in HR 🙄

🔥They are solely punitive
🔥They are a precursor to termination
🔥They never work
🔥They are used to ‘manage people out’

I’ve heard all of this before, I’m sure you have too

A PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) though, as the name suggests, is about IMPROVING performance

In my experience, PIP’s can be such a valuable tool

If the employee is willing to engage openly and constructively in the process, it is often a positive experience resulting in positive outcomes

More than half of the PIP’s I have supported have resulted in the employee lifting their performance and meeting the required standard 🏆

The others? Yes of course, some have resulted in dismissal. For others though the process helped the employee realise the role didn’t play to their strengths and it wasn’t right for them, so they moved on.

Those who do overcome the performance concerns are appreciative of the support and guidance

I have had one employee go on to become the highest performing sales person in the team

They do work 😍

But they has to be done well – in the right way, and at the right time

A PIP should always be a last resort

Check out this flowchart below for guidance on when it might be the right time to consider this option 👇🏻

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