Setting boundaries

Finding time to focus on proactive tasks in HR can be near impossible 🥵

Somedays it feels like I am at home hiding away having self care ‘me time’ but my husband or kids always manage to find and need me 😜

The truth is though,

👉🏻working in HR is highly reactive
👉🏻and people do often really need you

HR should undoubtedly be visible and approachable in the workplace, however, this also makes us prime targets for passers-by to ask for ‘a quick minute’ of our time

(we know it is rarely just a minute 🙊)

Constant interruptions in person, by phone and in the inbox, scattered amongst meetings, means it can be hard to tackle our to-do list day to day 😥

For this reason, we need to set boundaries – and there is no better boundary than not being readily available at times. It allows us to block our time as needed, prioritise what WE need with little interruption, and it actually gives your managers the chance to be more self-sufficient and problem solve themselves 🏆

So how do you set boundaries to ensure you still have ‘me’ time?

✅ Block out time in your calendar
✅ Go offline and avoid distractions or temptations
✅ Ensure you are not readily visible or accessible
✅ Communicate expectations and tell stakeholders
✅ If necessary, create a process for urgent queries
✅ Define what is urgent and worth interruption
✅ Hold yourself accountable
✅ Hunker down and get the task done
✅ Tick it off the list 
✅ Happy dance

Contrary to what it may feel like, the place will not fall apart without you 😋

Most importantly, it allows you to manage your workload better and reduce the risk of burnout which is common amongst HR ❤️

Right, go on – take a look in your calendar and block out some time now, whether that is an hour a day or a half day this week.

Once you get into the habit of it, you won’t look back 😍.

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