Juggling sick kids

On Friday I got the dreaded phone call from my son’s daycare

He had a temperature and a runny nose and needed to be collected right away 🤒

My first thought wasn’t – “oh no, my poor boy”

It was instead;

😣What about my scheduled meetings
😣I don’t want to let my clients down
😣I haven’t finished that report
😣I don’t have time for this

This picture was from later that day, certainly not the work I had lined up (see what I did there😋)

Ashamed to say now, but there was a time before kids where I would be frustrated by my ‘unreliable’ mum colleagues

Finishing early, coming late, disappearing mid-shift

They weren’t committed, they didn’t care.

I grew more understanding after exposure in my HR work, but gosh now that I am living it as a mum I can tell you it is not easy 😰

My commitment to my work hasn’t dropped and I care just as much as ever, but it just means I have to work twice as hard to achieve the same output I once did pre-kids.

This isn’t a post about needing to put my kids first. I’ll be honest after this pic was taken I sat next to him on the couch with my laptop throwing snacks at him whilst he had far too much screen time.

I also worked late that night, and on Saturday 🥱

This is instead a post reminding you to go easy on mums this time of year when sickness is inevitable.

Because we are not going easy on ourselves

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