It’s time to go back to basics

It’s time to get back to basics

Why run before you can walk? you are only going to trip up! 🥵

Too many of you have shiny object syndrome, stuck in a continual state of distraction pursuing ‘bigger’ and ‘better’ initiatives.

The problem? You aren’t getting the basics right.

▶ What is the point in a fancy onboarding programme if you cannot even ensure your employees have the tools they need on day one?

▶ What is the point of a comprehensive performance review system, if the managers who will use the tool are incapable of effectively assessing performance?

▶ What is the point of an automated intuitive recruitment tool, if you cannot even articulate what your ideal candidate looks like?

▶ What is the point in a luxurious lunch room, if your workforce planning is so broken your people don’t have time to take a break?

▶ And what is the point of extensive employee benefits packages if your HR department struggles to process benefit requests accurately and in a timely manner?

It’s time to get back to basics and focus your attention on the ‘have-to-haves’ not the ‘nice-to-haves’.

That is what will make the biggest impact for your people.

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