It seems everyone in an HR expert these days

It seems everyone is an HR expert these days 
And truthfully, it’s a little scary 😳
Sure, I get it – people need to vent or seek advice when they are having a workplace dilemma

But it is the incorrect advice and misinformation that is being given to those (often vulnerable) people which is really problematic 😰
I see it in the workplace, at social gatherings and quite a lot on social media

I have had to step in recently to de-escalate some pretty tough situations, all because Peter’s mum’s friend’s babysitter’s colleague’s facebook comment gave the employee the wrong advice on what to do 🙄
So PLEASE, even if you have the best intentions, do not offer employment advice on topics you aren’t confident about.

If you think you know, double check. Either way, support the person to find the RIGHT information✅

Yes, even if you have HR in your job title!
And no, you won’t find it on Facebook 😋
By taking advice from the wrong people, or by providing the wrong advice, you could cause a lot of unnecessary damage and distress🔥
Any one else seeing this problem too?

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