One of my most commonly used phrases in HR…

“It depends”

And it should be one of yours too

You will be asked

How do I approach this situation?

Should I talk to them about it?

When should I have the discussion?

Can I tell them no?

Should we meet formally about it?

Should I just do the same thing I did with the other person?

What do I do?

The answer is always the same – “it depends”

With HR, we are dealing with humans – unique and unpredictable humans 🤯

We don’t work with predictable systems, data, or products where there is a button to press or a formula to enter to simply fix a problem.

So, when troubleshooting on how to fix a problem in HR, these are the most common two words HR should be saying to a manager.

It depends

📌It depends on the manager and their style

📌It depends on their relationship with that employee

📌It depends on the state of mind of the employee

📌It depends on the set of circumstances

📌It depends on the wider context

📌It depends on the level of risk

📌It depends on the day of the week

📌It depends on what conversations have been had

📌it depends what conversations haven’t been had

📌It depends on what has or has not already been done

So if you are in HR supporting a manager to think of the best way to tackle an employee issue, remember 👉 it depends.

Before launching into giving advice, you should be asking at least 3 questions to better understand the situation

❌There is never a one size fits all solution

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