HR has a branding issue

HR has a branding issue


“This is Lisa, and she is starting today in HR. So if you have any people problems you need help with, she is the person to go to”.


He meant no harm, but the way I was introduced to my key stakeholders did not accurately represent my role, and it left me feeling misrepresented

And if I am honest – it really bothered me

In one sentence, he had;

👎Tarnished my first impression
👎Put me on the defensive
👎Dismissed my vast skill set and expertise
👎Reinforced I was a reactive function
👎Discouraged them from engaging proactively
👎Diminished the immense value I can add to them
👎Demonstrated we were misaligned
👎Put me on the backfoot, needing to advocate for myself

I am sure you may have heard your roles described in this way too

So we need to take control of that narrative

Now, whenever I start a new role, I often insist I introduce myself

I encourage you to do the same 😎

I proudly showcase my value, crafting a dazzling elevator pitch that leaves no room for misunderstandings

I make a bold entrance, setting the tone for the impact I’ll have right from day 1

Not new to a job? It’s never too late to re-brand and reintroduce yourself

Let’s redefine how our roles are perceived and showcase the full extent of our capabilities ✨

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