How to demonstrate Empathy

Here’s a super easy way to adjust your language to better demonstrate empathy and compassion 🤩

Empathy and compassion are critical competencies for an effective HR practitioner. They allow us to;

đź’śBuild trust
đź’śBuild relationships
đź’śBuild connection
đź’śEncourage honestly
đź’śEncourage transparancy
đź’śEncourage vulnerability

But it is not enough just to BE empathetic or compassionate, you have to SHOW this in the way you operateđź’ˇ

Sympathy = acknowledging
Empathy = understanding
Compassion = supporting

Whilst it’s great to be sympathetic, it can also come across as pity, and feeling pitied can be disempowering. We need to avoid this, our job is to lift others up. 🙌

The best way to do this is be tactful in your language. Pictured is a quick example of how you can do this.

Try this next time a colleague is sharing their feelings with you, you might be surprised how much more effective that conversation will be 🔥

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