Gain trust and respect whilst influencing others

In order to go far in your HR career, you will need to be able to gain trust and respect while influencing others to move the business towards it’s goals.

Now this is certainly not easy in day-to-day practice 🥵

The key here is that it is often a marathon and not a sprint – it can take time

👉Can they rely on you to deliver what you promise? 
👉Do you have systems in place to stay organised, communicate effectively and be consistent?
👉Do you at times over-promise and under-deliver?
👉Does it feel like an uphill battle every time you try to influence an outcome?
👉Does it feel like your ideas get squashed too quickly?
👉Do you feel like your opinion isn’t sought in big decisions?
👉Do you feel like you’re not seen as a strategic partner?
👉Do you feel like you can’t speak up or challenge others?

Some of this stuff in the image below seems really obvious, I know.

But I think if you are honest with yourself and do an audit of the way you conduct yourself, there is bound to be areas you need to tighten up ✔

As confronting as it can be, ask for feedback from your manager or others too on how they think you can improve these areas.

This could uncover some of your blindspots 👌

What else would you add that can be done to address these 5 areas?

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