Failing ≠ Failure

Are you feeling like a failure in certain areas of your job? 🥵

That sucks, but I promise you, you aren’t a failure.

Yep, okay you might be failing at things right now, and that doesn’t feel good.

But Failing ≠ Failure

Failing is a part of growing, it teaches you lessons and means you can attempt again and again until you succeed.

Thomas Edison famously said on his many attempts to create the light bulb “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” 💡

📄Did the business case you submitted get passed over? Ask for feedback, strengthen and your refine your approach and try again.

😬Did you give the wrong advice to a manager? Don’t be hard on yourself, learn from it, I bet you won’t make that exact mistake twice.

💼Was the new candidate you hired not the right fit? Take the time to review your recruitment process and identify where it can be tightened next time.

😒Did the manager ignore your advice? Identify where the gap was and change your approach next time for that individual.

💪🏻Could you not find the confidence to speak up at that meeting? No worries, identify why and make a plan, it just means you have more time to prepare to nail it next time!

⏰Are you failing to keep on top of your workload? Don’t stress, most HR practitioner are. So stop, helicopter up for a minute, and try a new system for the week.

And if they don’t work – you will have a third attempt after that.

The only way to ACTUALLY fail is to quit 🥵

We are failing forward

You got this! 🏆

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