Don’t slip into autopilot

Right, what’s on the agenda this morning?

*Sips coffee

10am – 1-on-1 with manager
11am – Fire someone
12pm – Sales team meeting
1pm – Lunch

Alright, let’s go 💨

To you, that 11am may be just another meeting, just another task on the to-do list.

That ‘someone’ might be;
👉Just another name on a piece of paper
👉Just another square on the org chart
👉Just another thumbnail photo in the email directory

After a while, it can be easy to disconnect and treat these meetings like a tick-box exercise.

But when that employee is sitting across the table from you, vulnerable and scared, you should be reminded that what is ‘routine’ for you can be a life altering moment for someone else.

These meetings should fill you with dread.

These meetings should ignite a sense of responsibility.

That employee deserves your undivided focus, support, respect and empathy.

Regardless of why they are sitting there.

Never let yourself slip into autopilot.

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