Public Holiday Accrual and Calculation

As the details for Public Holidays calculation is the same as for Sick Leave, I am going to save you from more repetition in a video and just skip straight to the details in a brief text summary below:

If you have missed the lesson on Sick Leave calculation, please find it HERE and skip to 2:10

How are Public Holidays Accrued?

Simple – they aren’t! It is not an entitlement that an employee ‘earns’ as their service continues. As per the last lesson, an employee is entitled to Public Holidays from day one of employment and it is all dependent on what is an otherwise working day and whether they work that Public Holiday or not.

How is Public Holiday pay calculated?

Exactly the same as Sick Leave, Bereavement Leave and Family Violence Leave. If an employee does not work on that day, payment for public holidays is at the rate the employee would ordinarily be paid on the day leave is taken, known as relevant daily pay.

This payment must include overtime, allowances or any other payments that employee would normally receive for working on that day if they hadn’t have been absent.

If it is not possible to work out the relevant daily pay, or an employee’s daily pay varies in the pay period in question, average daily pay can be used.

If the employee does work on a public holiday however, they are paid at 1.5 times their usual pay for that day.


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