Challenge your personal biases

In HR, we aren’t perfect 🙊

Although we champion diversity and inclusion in the workplace, we don’t always get it right

So we too need to make a conscious effort to challenge our own personal biases and be more open-minded and accepting of others.

A simple way to do this – catch yourself in the moment perceiving something as ‘odd’ and instead reframe it as ‘interesting’.

Whether it’s something someone is saying, doing, wearing, eating, or displaying, this small shift in mindset can have a big impact.

See something strange? Your instinct may be to keep a distance, avoid, or simply move on quickly.

Find something interesting? Maybe you are more likely to engage in a discussion, show genuine curiosity, and authentically connect with that person.

And perhaps, your actions will be another step towards that person feeling more understood and accepted.

PS: How do you keep your biases in check as you work for continuous self-improvement?

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