“Better to have it and not need it”

Today I was testing my husband’s patience 🙃

It’s a long weekend here in New Zealand, and we were heading to the beach

He was ready to leave, but I was busy packing

And I am the queen of overpacking 🙊

You see, I have a mantra

“Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it”

I say this to my husband so frequently that he now parrots it back to me sarcastically when I’m overzealous about packing.

Whether it’s an umbrella on a sunny day, spare undies for our toilet-trained son, insect repellent, or pamol in the first aid kit, I want to be prepared for any situation.

And I must admit I take great pleasure in telling him “see, aren’t you glad now that I packed this?” 🤣

This mantra got me thinking about how it applies to HR.

In the workplace, we should implement policies and initiatives with the same idea in mind.

It could be things like;
👉A crisis communication plan
👉Terminal illness policies
👉Active shooter training
👉Whistleblower processes
👉Mental Health first aid
👉Collateral for staff after a bereavement in the workplace

Hoping they’re never needed, but ready to act if they are.

Having things like this readily available can make all the difference in those rare but possible moments

What does your workplace do to align with this mantra?

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