Are you prompting the right answers?

Are you asking the right questions to your employees?

But more importantly, are you prompting meaningful answers? 🤔

Today I was doing a spring clean of my emails and breaking up with some spammy companies, and I was hit with this page pictured here when unsubscribing.

I get this all the time, I bet you do too.

I bet you also select the top option

Total missed opportunity here 🙊

One of my HR pet-peeves is when employees are asked questions that only prompt easy, uninformative answers, thereby providing no meaningful insights.

✅in engagement surveys
✅in exit interviews
✅in feedback forms

What insights does this company gain about their email marketing efforts from the option ‘I no longer want to receive these emails’?

Of course I don’t want these emails, that is why I hit unsubscribe! 🤯

What they should be trying to pinpoint, is why I decided I no longer want these emails. While the other answer options provide this information, the presence of the first option almost invalidates them.

It shouldn’t be there

It’s the same as the ‘I found another job’ option in exit interviews when asked why they are leaving.

No no, finding another job is an outcome of wanting to leave. We need to know why they were looking to leave in the first place 🙄

It shouldn’t be there.

It’s the same as the damn number ‘3’ on a 5 point scale 😣

It tells us very little right?

It often too shouldn’t be there.

Remember, asking the right questions is only half the puzzle 🧩

To extract valuable insights, you need to elicit answers that you can work with.

Simply ask ‘what will this answer tell us’?

If it’s nothing – ditch it 👋🏽

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