Affirmations for Self Doubt

I’m not good enough

I’m out of my depth

I don’t have enough experience

I am not confident enough

Gosh we can be so mean to ourselves can’t we? 😳

Many of us have negative thoughts like these, especially at work

The thoughts that we would never voice about others end up tormenting us inside

The problem with negative thoughts is they can become self-fulfilling prophecies 😧

We talk ourselves into believing that they are true

These thoughts can shape our realities

But, if we deliberately do the opposite, use positive thoughts and challenge these negative beliefs, the impacts can be just as powerful 🤯

If you aren’t quite ready to believe “I’m a badass who can do anything” – start smaller

Here are some of my go-to’s 👇🏻👇🏻

Our feelings affect our actions, and our actions affect our results 🙌

How do you overcome doubt or limiting beliefs?

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