5 things I did to advance my HR career

5 things I did to go from an entry level HR position to running my own HR consulting business in 5 years 👇🏻

When I took the leap in 2015 and U-turned my career towards HR, my 10 year plan was to own my own consulting business. I did it in 5.

I don’t tell you this to brag – I want to show you what is possible and share my advice for others wanting to advance their HR career too 🤩

With terms like ‘quiet-quitting’ doing the rounds, I have felt frustrated by these trends that encourage young impressionable people to ‘coast’ in their careers when they surely have potential for great things if they put in the work 😤

Here are my tips and the things I did to combat quiet quitting and grow in my HR journey

1️⃣ Don’t rush – yes I moved fast, and you can too, however I made sure I squeezed everything I could from every step before I made moves. Every role prepared me for the next🏅

2️⃣ Be curious – ask ALL the questions, especially ‘why?’ Read a lot, shadow and support your seniors, attend webinars or trainings, ask about development opportunities and say yes to them all 📈

3️⃣ Find a mentor who is where you want to be – ideally your manager or senior colleagues. If they are not giving you what you need, insist on it or move on – they are hindering your growth. If you are sole charge or in a small team, look for support or community externally. 📝

4️⃣ Don’t act your pay packet – you might be fantastic at your current role but if you don’t get experience for your next-level role you won’t be ready. Once you have aced your duties, ask for more responsibility, show initiative, offer to be involved in key projects and step out of your comfort zone 💸

5️⃣ Be courageous – I gave difficult feedback, called out wrongdoing, advocated for employees, went against the norm, and put my ideas on the table – even when it put people offside or people told me to stay in my lane.

What other advice do you have for our up-and-coming HR leaders? 👇🏻

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